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Advantage Forklift Ltd. is an authorized UN forklift dealer, providing a  line of efficient, dependable electric, propane or diesel powered forklift units suitable for a wide variety of applications. UN innovations and continuous improvement have been built in, making them the most reliable, powerful, and productive UN lift trucks ever. Optimized to deliver outstanding performance every day, they also feature improved safety, operating precision and simplified maintenance as top priorities. Their many features include:

Powerful, economical engines run cleaner and stronger: The  LPG, gasoline, and diesel engines meet EPA Tier 3 specifications, yet give up nothing in power and economy. They operate cooler because of airflow improvements through the engine compartment.  Our diesel models are legendary for their dependability and power.

Engine options:

LPG – Nissan K21 – 2065 cc (3-4000lb)
LPG – Nissan K25 – 2480 cc (5-6000lb)
LPG – GM 3.0 L  – 3000 cc (5-6000lb)
LPG – GM 4.3 L  – 3000cc (8000lb +)

Diesel – Yanmar –  4TNE98, 3318 cc, (up to 6000lb)
Diesel – Isuzu – A-6BGIQC, 2369 cc, 4494 cc, 6494 cc
Diesel – Perkins – 1004D, 4400 cc (8000lb +)
Diesel – Cummins – QSB4.5, 4500cc (8000lb +)

All-new UN masts deliver smooth lifting: Revised and strengthened mast cross members resist twisting motions during operation to give superior control and stability. Engineered with improved fork tip visibility for safety, and revised tilting geometry allows placement of the tilt cylinders under the floor for greatly increased space.

Improve your Operators’ productivity: The new UN full suspension chassis reduces noise and vibration, effectively preventing vibration from reaching the Operator.  The optional suspension seat is adjustable for position, weight balance, tilt, and incorporates a built-in restraint system.  The small steering wheel with standard spinner and smooth, precise controls make load handling easy and quick.

Improve your Operators’ safety: A complete safety system of interlocks is standard on these trucks, including neutral safety switch, tilt cylinder lock, and an optional mast lift lock. The overhead guard is designed for protection and economical collision repair. The high-mount brake and backup lights are integrated into the OHG for protection and are vibration resistant for long life.

Simple yet rugged chassis: The steer axle structure has been strengthened and its bushings have been improved for longer service. A special damper cushions and stabilizes the axle for stable operation over uneven surfaces, yet requires no periodic maintenance. An improved lower center of gravity gives more stable and consistent load handling.

Designed with quality, commonly available parts:

Copper Radiator (Longer Lasting)
Cascade Side-shift (Canadian Made)
Swing Out/Down Propane Tank Bracket (Easy & Ergonomic)
IMPCO LPG fuel systems
AC Systems on Electric Models

UN Forklift had been a leader in military grade forklifts for more than 25 years. Today they are available in the North American market and we bring their innovative designs to Canada.

By designing with a high standard, around the most commonly available parts you will have less down time and reliable quality.

Quality Pre-Owned Equipment

For your convenience we offer the option of quality, guaranteed, pre-owned forklifts and other equipment such as scissor lifts, skid steers, scrubbers and sweepers and assorted material handling equipment.

Our inventory is constantly changing so call today to get a competitive quote for all your equipment needs.

We also offer the quality TSP5500 Pallet Truck. (spring special)


  • Load capacity 5,500lbs
  • Top class range of pallet trucks with an excellent design
  • Reliable, sturdy, torsion-resistant due to its extremely strong high quality steel frame
  • All pivot points are greased for easy maintenance & long lasting service, ensuring excellent maneuverability with effortless steering
  • Option of single and tandem fork rollers
  • Additional entry and exit fork rollers guarantee maximum stability and safety for transporting goods
  • Galvanized whole casting hydraulic pump
  • Ergonomically designed 3 position handle with comfortable rubber grip allows for optimized safety
  • 3 year pump warranty
  • 1 year parts warranty
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